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I am very passionate and active with groups and causes I believe in.
I tend to be outspoken and I enjoy meeting and interacting with new people.
I start projects quickly, believing that if problems arise, they can be worked out along the way.
You won't get the job done if you spend too much time trying to figure things out ahead of time.
If these statements characterize your personality, answer questions 41-50.

I have beliefs but I don't need to share them with a lot of people.
I tend to sit back, watch, and learn about people before I interact with them.
I like to take my time when making decisions or when I get ready for an event.
I try to solve most problems before I start a project.
I really don't like things to go wrong with projects I have worked on.
If these statements characterize your personality, answer questions 51-60.


41a.I see myself as logical and practical.
41b.I see myself as theoretical and experimental.

42a,I prefer work that involves brainstorming and expansion of ideas.
42b.I prefer work that highlights my productivity.

43a.I believe there is more "out there" than what we can see or touch.
43b.I believe in things you can see and touch. Things are either real or not real.

44a.Righteous moral standards cannot accommodate gray areas that exist in life.
44b.The world community lacks high moral standards.

45a.The health of the planet and all living things is one of our most important issues.
45b.Environmentalism must balance the needs of industry and the needs of wildlife.

46a.I see myself as a big thinker that loses interest in the details and mechanical issues.
46b.I pride myself on knowing the fine details and inner workings of a project.

47a.I have my own unique values, despite what others think.
47b.I believe in traditional values.

48a.In problem solving, I am excited by pondering possibilities leading to new answers.
48b.In problem solving, it is easier to choose an accepted and proven method.

49a.A good question is better than a good answer.
49b.A good answer is better than a good question.

50a.I believe the world needs a chain of command and levels of power based on merit and hard work. This keeps order in our world.
50b.I believe in an egalitarian world where everyone is equal. Everyone has equal or special talents. The important part is recognizing
and finding where our gifts work the best. If everyone were to do this world could reach its full potential.


51a.In relationships, I show affection by giving emotional support and comfort.
51b.In relationships, I show affection by providing, protecting and problem solving.

52a.I am creative and often have a sense what people will like and won't like.
52b.I am more logical in nature and I can figure out what people need or want.

53a.I have my own unique values, despite what others think.
53b.I believe in traditional values.

54a.A good question is better than a good answer.
54b.A good answer is better than a good question.

55a.I take a conservative approach to most events and utilize proven methods.
55b.I like taking risks and I enjoy doing things differently if it pushes me to a higher level.

56a.I push myself by "raising the bar" on my activities, appreciating efficiency and accuracy.
56b.I enjoy creating with my hands. I don't have to push myself to enjoy what I am doing.

57a.Usually, I can find all the information I need on my own, making fast logical decisions.
57b.I enjoy input from others, and it can take a while to find a solution I know is a good one.

58a.I am OK with change in regular small amounts, as big changes sometime backfire.
58b.I am OK with big changes as it is exciting to see our ultimate potential.

59a.I wish to be appreciated for my encouraging, nurturing skills.
59b.I desire to be competent, efficient and accomplished.

60a.I enjoy multitasking and problem solving.
b.I enjoy doing one thing at a time and I cherish time when I am not doing anything.



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